How Long Will Control Last? the Trophy List Gives Us Some Clues

Control: Dynamic Gameplay

Missing less than a month after Control’s release, and the promising Remedy title is one of the most anticipated by the players. And when the game is now in the Gold phase, some information on its duration arrives, also thanks to its trophy list.

It is in fact leaked online the list of achievements that will be possible to obtain in the videogame, according to which there will be at least 15 secondary missions and 10 main missions. Of course, this information does not give us a precise idea of ​​how many hours of play await us, but the numbers seem to be in line with the productions of the genre, so even longevity should not delay you too much.

To find out about all 46 Control unlockable trophies, see the link to the source.

Control is the latest adventure of Remedy, the studio responsible for titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break: it is a Metroidvania with supernatural elements, whose main character has the features of actress Courtney Hope. The game is scheduled for release on August 27th.