No Man’s Sky Beyond: The Release Date of the Free Update With Multiplayer and VR Revealed

No Man's Sky Beyond

After trying to decode Sean Murray’s interviews to find out what the future of No Man’s Sky holds, the Hello Games guys officially announce the release date of the free Beyond expansion for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The film proposed by the British developers has the sole purpose of fixing the launch date of the next update of No Man’s Sky on Wednesday 14 August, which aims to make the sci-fi experience experienced by the explorers of this procedural universe even more profound and immersive.

In addition to the launch date of Beyond, the video that we can see at the beginning of the article allows us to once again see the gigantic social area that, presumably, will be the fulcrum of the new multiplayer activities promised by the authors following Murray. With Beyond, the English software house should in fact significantly expand the range of options available to digital astronauts who wish to share the excitement of their journey with other players.

The other big aspect that the guys at Hello Games have focused on will be the support for VR viewers : both on PC and PS4 via PS VR, the virtual reality version of No Man’s Sky Beyond should be identical to the original one, except obviously made for the character animations, the layout of the commands and the changes to the interface that will be adapted to the new VR context. According to Sean Murray himself, playing NMS Beyond in VR will be a dream for all science fiction lovers.