PS4 Tournaments Challenger Series: New Details on Playstation Tournaments

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced in the past few hours the PS4 Tournaments Challenger Series initiative, a series of events, tournaments, and challenges starting next week and dedicated to all players, from the less experienced to the more skilled.

The first challenges will start on August 6th with the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament, later new events will come dedicated to games like Battlefield V, Warfare and FIFA 20. Below are all the details released by Sony:


The PS4 Challenger Series Tournaments are seasonal and offer you the chance to periodically resume your favorite games to take part in the challenges. In every season, you go from one level to the next to test your skills in equal challenges for all and get rewards for your efforts. Find out how far you can get and then come back the next season to discover the new prizes up for grabs!

Stages of the competition

Each tournament season is divided into three phases. They will all start in Phase 1 and, for Mortal Kombat 11, you have to win at least 3 games out of 4 to move on to Phase 2. This gives you more chances to advance than a knockout structure. In phase 2, you will participate in challenges with a higher difficulty level and you will have to win to go to phase 3. In the final phase, you will challenge the best to win the title of champion.


Participate and win prizes of ever-greater value. As you progress through the competition, the value of the prizes will increase. From exclusive dynamic themes for specific games to game currency and cash prizes: there is no lack of reasons to participate in a season.

Tournaments can be accessed from the Events tab on PlayStation 4, each week you will find all PlayStation Challenger Series appointments listed here.