PS5: The Price of 950 Euros Is Not Definitive, the Clarification of Mediamarkt Sweden

PS5: New Details on Backward Compatibility Emerge From a Patent

At the beginning of the week, the Swedish division of MediaMarkt opened the pre-orders and unveiled the possible price of PS5: 9.999 Swedish crowns, equal to about € 950. A figure that obviously immediately aroused considerable fanfare, so as to force the company to issue a note to clarify the situation.

At the time of pre-ordering a message warns that the price in question is only indicative and not official, as easily imaginable. The warning was necessary after the numerous complaints that appeared on the web, although obviously, the placeholder nature of the cost was quite clear.

This is a ” placeholder” price point that absolutely does not reflect the possible final price of the console, which has yet to be announced by Sony. PS5 will certainly not cost 899 or 999 euros, according to analysts the Japanese company should sell the new Next-Gen console for between 399 and 499 euros, in line with the competition.

There is a great expectation for PS5, so much so that the hype for the new PlayStation seems to be one of the causes of PS4 ‘s lack of sales growth in recent months, now stationary precisely because consumers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation 5.