Resident Evil 8: Is Capcom Looking for Testers to Try the Game?

Resident Evil 8

Capcom Japan has sent an email to the members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program to find testers in charge of trying out a new game that has not yet been announced, a title that many could be Resident Evil 8.

The search message does not reveal new details, Capcom talks about a test in Shinjuku (Tokyo) that will take place in a secret location on September 8 or 9, a date that has not been confirmed to avoid possible leaks. To be chosen, testers must be members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program and have played at least one Resident Evil game in the past.

It is not certain that the title in question is Resident Evil 8, however, there seem to be good possibilities: there has been talking for some time of the eighth episode of the saga, according to rumors already in an advanced stage of development for current-generation consoles and for PlayStation 5 / Xbox Scarlett.

The launch of Resident Evil 8 seems to be scheduled for 2021, so there is still time to complete the work based on player feedback, this first test aims to get valuable advice to guide development according to the opinions of the testers. According to other rumors, the game in question would not be Resident Evil 8 but a Resident Evil Code Veronica spin-off, with the title still to be announced.