Super Mario Meets Doom: Here Is the Spectacular Video of a Developer of Splash Damage

Super Mario Meets Doom

After enjoying the infernal reinterpretation of the first world of Super Mario with an impossible level of Super Mario Maker 2, we propose the video made by Sean Noonan, the chief developer of Splash Damage, to recreate the first level of Super Mario inspired by DOOM.

The Noonan project was created to demonstrate the ability of the English author with the Visual Studio development tools after having worked on it for about a month: it is not, therefore, a mod or a game created with tools like those of Unity, CryEngine or Unreal Engine 4, but an “experiment” with which to show off one’s skills.

As we can guess by looking at the video produced by Noonan, his reinterpretation of the legendary Mondo 1-1 of the first chapter for NES in the adventure of the mustachioed plumber of the Great N, inspired by pastel-colored graphics and Super soft shapes Mario 3D World for Wii U and 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS, dropping everything into a typically FPS context like that of DOOM.

Given the results obtained with Visual Studio, the same developer of Splash Damage (currently engaged on Gear Tactics ) reports that he wants to recreate the same scenario within a playable demo and distribute it for free, although we strongly doubt that Nintendo can endorse a similar one experiment. What do you think of Noonan’s bizarre project? Let us know with a comment, but not before admiring the five best Italian levels of Super Mario Maker 2.