The Legendary Skins Ravage and Raven in the New Fortnite Store Update


The arrival of Fortnite ‘s Season 10 brought many new features into the game, but one of the certainties of Epic Games’ battle royale has remained: the daily Fortnite store update. And today in the shop arrive punctual new skins and many new objects that we are going to analyze together.

The most important skins today are two legendary: these are Ravage and Raven, both sold at the important price of 2000 V-Bucks. But they go well with the Feathered Flyer and the Iron Beak pick. But there are two other skins for sale: BRUTE Navigator and BRUTE Gunner, linked to Fortnite’s new vehicle and sold for 800 V-Bucks. The picture is completed by the Robo Wrecker pickaxe.

Among the Daily Sales we find instead the skin Splode and Maven, respectively epic and rare, and therefore with a cost of 1500 and 1200 V-Bucks. Then there are the usual Bobbin ‘and Extraterrestrial emotes, the Paper Plane glider in the shape of a paper plane for the note, and the Batsickle pickaxe.

Have you already decided how to spend your hard-earned V-Bucks? Meanwhile, there seem to be problems for Fortnite’s Season 10 related to server stability. Have you been suffering from it?

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