Cyberpunk 2077: New Details About New Game Plus, Relationships and Skills

It Will Be Possible to Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Without Killing Anyone

In the last few hours, many new details have appeared on the Internet about the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay, the highly anticipated CD Projekt RED title coming next year.

According to the information on the latest issue of PSX, the game will include the New Game Plus, thanks to which we will be able to restart the game keeping all the progress of the previous game. However, this is not the only information on the magazine, which has dealt with various aspects of the game.

Here is a list of details on the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay:

  • The Badlands, an area outside Night City, is a dangerous place. There is very little flora and the animals are practically all dead or extinct due to man. This is an area of ​​the map that you can explore only if equipped with a respectable equipment
  • In the suburbs you can find bands like the Wraights and the Aldecados, which are at war with each other. The former will immediately be hostile towards V, while the others will be more available and could entrust him with some missions
  • The skill tree is quite extensive and depends very much on the user’s playing style. As you increase in level you get progress points, which can be spent on new skills and attributes (which will use different types of points). Based on the V statistics we can install several chips
  • Using the same type of weapon often will make the protagonist better at handling it. The same goes for hacking and for melee weapons
  • Some passive or perk abilities will only be enabled in specific situations. One of these, called Street Cred, allows to obtain more difficult missions with better rewards based on its value
  • V’s apartment will have a role in the gameplay and inside you will be able to check the emails and store the excess objects in your inventory. On several occasions we will meet important personalities of history right in the apartment, which unfortunately cannot be personalized in any way
  • It seems that the AI ​​and the driving system are not perfect, but the developers are working on these aspects to improve them ahead of the official launch
  • Stealing a car is not easy and you could easily run into policemen or gang members who will put you in the wheel. Should they catch you, you will not end up in prison and the stolen vehicles cannot be put in the garage
  • The loot, which can be upgraded, will play a very important role along with the crafting. In the game there will also be collectibles, which can be found more easily thanks to some upgrades. In case of difficulty, you can always interact with the NPCs to find out the location of any hidden objects around
  • In the course of the adventure you will be able to make numerous friendships and, with some NPCs, you will be able to have relations. It will be possible to have more than one relationship at the same time and the sexual orientation of each character will not be overlooked
  • In the world of Cyberpunk 2077 animals are almost non-existent due to a pandemic. In any case it is possible to see some dogs and cats, whose owners usually belong to an elite
  • Between 2020 and 2077, cyberpsatio was hacked by a famous netrunner. From that moment the Blackwall of the corporations were born, which separated cyberspace from the rest of the infrastructure to avoid any danger. Anyone who has tried to explore cyberspace has never returned
  • The attention to detail is incredible, which makes the game very immersive
  • Religion plays an important role in the game world and in one of the missions it is possible to explore a church with neon crosses during a sermon. It also appears that some religions prevent their followers from using technology
  • The Cyberpunk 2077 finals will depend on both the choices made during the story and some secondary missions

Waiting to see the new gameplay video at GamesCom 2019, we remind you that a new image of Cyberpunk 2077 has recently been published.