Days Gone: Pilot a Golf Cart in the New Free Weekly Challenge

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Have you completed the main adventure of Days Gone and you’re still not tired of playing with it? No problem, as a new and bizarre Weekly Challenge has just arrived that will take you around Belknap.

The challenge in question, which takes the name of Dead Don’t Ride, will allow you to drive a clunky golf cart, which you will have to use to pick up several survivors and take them to their destination. To increase your score you will have to make dangerous drift while crushing the furious will give you extra time to continue the challenge. During the races, you can also listen to a new song from the soundtrack, created specifically for this challenge. It should be noted that this DLC, already available for a few hours, is completely free for anyone with a copy of Days Gone on PlayStation 4.

Before leaving you on the video of the challenge, we remind you that Days Gone is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. According to some recently published job announcements, Sony Bend could be at work on the Days Gone sequel for PlayStation 5.

Have you already taken a look at the skins for the Days Gone bike inspired by Uncharted?