Destiny 2: Cross Save Arrives at the End of Summer, Waiting for Important News on Shadowkeep

Destiny 2

The director of Bungie, Luke Smith, intervened on the pages of his official Twitter profile to set up a Destiny 2 special on the upcoming week (and therefore by Sunday 11 August), allowing the American company to reveal much news on the Shadowkeep expansion and on the version free New Light.

According to the Bungie executive, the new “State of the Game” will be particularly long and full of information to be “a little nerd” : the event will help shed light on the narrative and playful elements of the first, ambitious content add-on that will sanction the entry of Destiny 2 Guardians in Year 3 of the sci-fi shooter, the first after the surprising separation of Bungie from Activision at the beginning of 2019.

In setting next week the new special on Shadowkeep and New Light, Smith returns to the pages of Bungie’s official website to confirm the willingness of the US software house to launch the Destiny 2 Cross-Save no later than the end of the summer, which we remember to be scheduled for September 23rd.

In this way, Smith’s team will allow us to calmly settle the friends list and to organize ourselves in time for the event that will upset the digital life of the Guardians starting Tuesday, October 1 with the launch of the stand-alone Ombre dal Profondo expansion set on the Moon and the free to play New Light edition on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Google Stadia version expected in November.