Destiny 2: The 2 Most Tedious Quests in the Game Will Be Simplified

Destiny 2

During the year 2 of Destiny 2 numerous quests were introduced related to the factions through which it is possible to obtain more or less strong weapons and, among these, we cannot fail to mention the very long enterprises of Wendigo GL3 and Vetta.

It seems that the developers have finally accepted user feedback and, in one of the upcoming updates, they will make these missions much easier. Unfortunately, this is an advantage which only and exclusively the Guardians who have not yet obtained these weapons will benefit from. We remind you that the Vetta company, one of the strongest weapons among those currently present in the game (accompanied by the unstoppable Ascetic, energy submachine gun), it requires to perform multi-killings with grenade launchers and to obtain the difficult Linear Trajectory medal in the Crucible. It is not clear if the company will also have to make a change, as it wants the player to reach the bestial level in the competitive field. In the last season, in fact, we saw how the Revoker’scompany no longer requires reaching a specific glorious level, but only to accumulate competitive points, making the quest much more accessible.

We also have great news for those who need the weapons of Azzardo, Azzardo Eccelso and Verdict. In addition to the arrival of several weeks of Infamia bonus, Bungie has announced that the rate of obtaining the weapons of these modalities will be significantly increased and the difficulty of Verdict will be retouched downwards. Similar discourse applies to the Crucible value points, which you can accumulate in the week of September 24th, during which you can play Pandemonium and get double points, very useful both for making the armor of the Solstice prodigious and for unlocking the Gladio pulse gun. Redrix.

As for the Iron Banner, the event will return in the weeks of August 27th and September 17th with some simplified phases of the enterprise, so as to allow everyone to get the complete set without too much effort.

We remind you that Shadowkeep has been postponed to October 1, but the Destiny 2 cross-save could arrive a few weeks ahead of the expansion that will start the Year 3.