Dragon Quest 11 S Free Demo for Nintendo Switch Announced


During the 2019 Dragon Quest Summer Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix announced that it will release a free demo of Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of a Lost Era – Final Edition.

The Japanese company has not disclosed the launch date but presumably will anticipate the release of the actual game set for September 27th. Those who keep the demo save data will receive a Skill Seed to use in the complete adventure and the premium hero card “The One Descended from Erdrick [S]” for the Switch version of the free-to-play card gameplay Dragon Quest Rivals (not yet published in the West).

The surprises did not end there, as Square Enix also announced that the world of Dragon Quest 10 will appear in Dragon Quest 11 S and can be visited by players. Eirk will also be able to wear his “North Leather Style” outfit from the one-shot manga by Hiro Mashima which will debut on August 21st in the V-Jump magazine. It can be redeemed in Japan by means of a code whose distribution method has not yet been completely clarified. Finally, it was revealed that in the final game there will be an improved version of the “Draconian Quest”. With “Super Shypox” enabled, all party members will be hit by the “Shypox” spell.

Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of a lost era – Final Edition has recently entered the Gold phase, so everything is ready for the September 27th release. Compared to the other editions of the JRPG, the Nintendo Switch version will boast specific additional stories for the characters, a completely orchestral soundtrack, secondary missions in the worlds of the previous Dragon Quest and the ability to switch between HD and 16-bit graphics, and from English to Japanese dubbing.