Fortnite: Ninja’s New Mixer Channel Has No Video but Already Has 300,000 Subscribers!

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The Ninja news that leaves Twitch and switches to Mixer has been around the world. The new Fortnite celebrity adventure on the Microsoft streaming portal starts in the best way: 300,000 subscribers have already been reached and exceeded, despite Ninja’s new Mixer channel has no videos!

A little less than 24 hours after the announcement of the abandonment of Twitch, the most famous Fortnite streamer in the world has in fact collected as many as 313,060 subscriptions on Mixer, beating every record of the platform of the house of Redmond and nominating itself to become the creator of more content site follow -up. All this, it should be emphasized, without a single stream or even a video presentation being uploaded to the channel.

The giant Ninja promotional machine, however, is already moving, as confirmed by the banner that stands at the top of the official Mixer page inviting all users of the portal to celebrate Ninja’s entry into the family by subscribing to his channel for free For a limited period of time.

At the time of this writing, the Detroit streamer also decided to officially launch its new Mixer channel by participating in the Lollapalooza to try out challenges (or better, with the Time Missions ) of Fortnite Season 10.