Fortnite Season 10: Neoinclinato Will Become a Far West Village According to Dataminer

Fortnite Season 10

According to what was discovered by the Fortnite data miner, the fate of Neoinclinato seems to be now marked: the most futuristic quadrant of Epic Games’ battle royale map will soon rise in the Far West.

The data miner collective led by FortTory reports that it has discovered clear references to structures, buildings, textures and polygonal- themed models among the most hidden lines of code in the latest update that sanctioned the beginning of Fortnite ‘s Season X Westerns that should fit within a larger-scale modification of the quadrant dominated by Neo-inclined sci-fi structures.

The transformation of one of the most iconic sectors of the island of Fortnite Battle Royale, despite being also one of the most “young” due to its appearance only occurred at the beginning of Season 9, could also involve other quadrants of the map, thus giving way to Epic Games developers to break the routine of the island’s explorers and add a touch of unpredictability to their challenges.

In this regard, did you know that Epic has decided to retrace its steps and reintroduce Free Challenges? Fortnite’s new in-game activities will from now on be called Time Missions and will run parallel to the Season 10 Battle Pass Missions.