In the Outer Worlds You Can Eliminate Any Non-Player Character

The Outer Worlds Is Released on October 25, at the Launch in the Game Pass

The specialized press was able to thoroughly test a new build of The Outer Worlds, a promising RPG in development at the Obsidian Entertainment studios. Therefore, a lot of new information has emerged on the net.

The senior designer Brian Heins, for example, revealed to the Polygon editor that in The Outer Worlds players will be free to kill any character they meet on their journey , even those who assign missions: “You can kill anyone you see, so there will be a way to get whatever they wanted to give you, be it a code for a terminal, something you can take their body or a chest with information to break into their office “ .

As you can easily imagine, developing a title that takes so many variables into consideration has proved to be ” incredibly challenging” , as stated by Heins himself. Much of the effort has been poured into the realization of the dialogues, which will adapt to the actions of the players. For example, by killing a character who assigned you a mission, another NPC involved in it could comment on how you eliminated it.

The Outer Worlds, we remember, will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 25th. On Nintendo Switch, as recently announced, it will arrive at a later date.