Jason Schreier of Kotaku Stands in Defense of Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Will Offer a Free Game a Week for the Rest of 2019

Epic Game Store has been active for a good few months now, but the controversies regarding its aggressive exclusivity policies have not yet calmed down.

Among the illustrious titles available only on the Tim Sweeney store include Ashen, Dauntless, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and, although only for a limited period, also Metro Exodus. The same fate as 4A Games’ first-person shooter will go to Borderlands 3, which will be exclusive to Epic Games Store for 6 months, before landing on Steam.

The developers of the aforementioned titles were strongly encouraged by the inviting distribution of earnings, which allows them to pocket 88% of the money deriving from the sale, compared to 70% granted by the Valve store. The players, in any case, are annoyed by the fragmentation that has arisen, by the exclusivity of these products within the same platform and by the reduced functionality of the client.

In defense of Epic Game Store, in any case, Paradox Interactive has already deployed, calling the Steam tariff outrageous. In the past few hours, Jason Schreier, a well-known journalist from Kotaku, has joined the chorus of defenders. He relied on another argument: “In the last few weeks I have talked to two independent studios that have made a deal with Epic to make sure they can achieve at least the break-even point, regardless of the number of copies they will sell – this is a rare glimmer of stability in such a dancer industry “. What does this mean? Some studies receive an advance from Epic Games Store, which allows them to complete development in peace. There is also a guaranteed minimum based on the sales projections of the game, which guarantees a profit even before the actual sale or the possible achievement of success. It happened, for example, at Glumberland, a development studio responsible for Ooblets, another temporary exclusive of Epic Games Store. 

Schreier then sent a small arrow to the players, who complain about the few features without taking into account the advantages for those who create the games: “But, oh no, players must use a store with less functionality !!!”. After that, he made further clarifications to reinforce his idea. He said he was in favor of anything that could give stability to his studies and was capable of breaking the Steam monopoly. Finally, he encouraged players to shift their attention to more serious Epic Games issues, such as the crunches for the development of Fortnite and the “unethical pay” of Tim Sweeney, equal to 7 billion a year, which “should be illegal”.