Microtransactions the Biggest Enemy of Video Games, According to the Director of God of War

Director of God of War

Although there is always a lot of talk about it among the community of enthusiasts, microtransactions and loot boxes have become an integral part of the videogame industry, and publishers and developers increasingly decide to use them in their games so that they can make huge long-term gains.

Although there have been no more blatant cases such as the one at Star Wars Battlefront 2 by Electronic Arts, gamers usually do not take kindly to the use of microtransactions, especially if they are included in single-player titles already sold at a price full. Sometimes they are the same protagonists of the industry who decide to express their disagreement with this practice. 

This is the case of Cory Barlog, the well-known director of God of War 2 (PS2) and of the soft reboot God of War for PlayStation 4, published last year and enthusiastically received by critics and fanbases. 
As you can see through the twitter you find at the bottom, the US author responded to one question posed by the Xbox Twitter profile“What is the biggest video game villain?”. 
Barlog’s dry answer reads: ” Microtran $ actions “.

It is certainly not the first time that the director of Santa Monica Studio takes a position on the subject, has already clarified in the past that it is not his intention to introduce microtransactions within the God of War franchise, nor the notorious loot boxes, described by Electronic Arts as a mechanic comparable to that of the surprises of the Kinder eggs . Do you agree with the director of God of War? Let us know your comments.