Ninja’s Debut on Mixer Is a Success, Exceeding the Average of Twitch

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

Ninja ‘s abandonment of Twitch in favor of Mixer, Microsoft’s proprietary platform, has shaken the world of videogame entertainment. It could not be otherwise since we are talking about the most famous content creator in recent years.

Even before the broadcasts began, the newborn channel could already count on over 300,000 followers, so there was great anticipation for the debut. Ninja has decided to start his new adventure with streaming of over 6 hours live from Lollapalooza, obviously focused on Fortnite. During the broadcast, it also hosted Bugha, who graduated solo champion during the recent Fortnite World Cup by pocketing $3 million.

Well, the first data have already arrived, and apparently, they are incredibly positive. The live broadcast recorded an average of 65 thousand viewers connected at the same time(with a peak of over 95 thousand), a value is decidedly superior to the audience on which the twenty-eight year old from Michigan could count on Twitch in recent times, which was around the 40 thousand spectators connected simultaneously. The novelty factor has certainly played a fundamental role, so it will be really interesting to find out how things will go in the future. In any case, Ninja and Microsoft can certainly be more than satisfied. The number of followers of the Mixer channel, meanwhile, rose to 463 thousand.