Nintendo and Tencent Outline the Strategy for the Launch of Switch in China

Nintendo and Tencent Outline

As promised, Nintendo and Tencent outlined plans for the launch of Nintendo Switch in China during the conference on August 2nd.

To begin with, it has been announced that Tencent itself will be dealing with the localization of Kyoto exclusives in simplified Chinese. The first two titles to benefit from the translation will be Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Furthermore, Tencent will host Switch’s online services in China. In the rest of the world, Nintendo benefits from Google’s infrastructure, but the Mountain View giant’s web services, as is well known, are blocked in China. It was finally specified that Nintendo eShop will accept payments with WeChat Pay. The famous messaging platform, for the uninitiated, is owned by Tencent.

The two big companies, unfortunately, have revealed neither the price of the console for the new market nor the launch date, probably the two most awaited information ever. Before saying goodbye, we remind you that Tencent recently started collaborating with The Pokémon Company for the creation of a mysterious mobile game, probably dedicated to the famous little monsters.