Overwatch: Sigma’s New Skins Arrive on the PTR

Overwatch Third Anniversary: ​​the Special Event Officially Kicks Off!

A few days have passed since the arrival of Sigma, the new and special Overwatch hero, on the shooter PTR (Public Test Realm) and, thanks to the latest update, it is now possible to take a first look at the character’s additional costumes.

Just like all the other heroes, on Sigma’s page, it is now possible to purchase numerous skins with which to customize the hero. Among the available items we usually find alternative colors for the standard costume, a pair of epic skins and four legendary ones. One of the rarest skins, sold at the price of 1,000 gold coins, further highlight the character’s turbulent past, who spent part of his life in a psychiatric facility. Should you wish to try the skins in question directly, we remind you that anyone with a copy of the game on the Blizzard client can download the PTR version completely free of charge.

Before leaving you in the gallery of images with all the skins available on the PTR, we remind you that Sigma’s feet have been at the center of a bizarre controversy over the past few days.

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