Pokémon Go: Friendship Packages Can Contain Bonsly Chromatic

Pokémon Go

Niantic has just revealed all the details about the upcoming Pokémon GO event, during which it will be much easier to hatch and get unique creatures.

The event in question will be held from next Monday 5 August 2019 at 22:00 (GMT +2) to 19 August 2019 at the same time. During these two weeks, it will be possible to obtain Friendship Packages, inside which you will find special Eggs which, instead of the usual 7 kilometers, will ask you to cover only 2 of them to find out what is hidden inside them. These eggs can also be used after the event closes, regardless of whether or not you decide to use an incubator.

Returning instead to the Friendship Packages, it will be possible to open up to 30 different ones a day, while in the inventory it will be possible to keep up to 20. With a little luck, inside one of the eggs contained in the Friendship Packages, you could find a Bonsly Chromatic to add to your collection. We, therefore, advise you to accumulate as many packages as possible by passing several times at the Pokéstops, where you will be assigned those to give to friends.

Did you know that the Rayquaza Raid has been available for a few days? Niantic also celebrated the one billion download of Pokémon GO with a new trailer.