Pokémon Go, Ralts Community Day Today, August 3rd: Opening Hours, Exclusive Move and Bonuses

Pokémon Go, Ralts Community Day Today

That day of the month has come again, coaches. Today, August 3rd, from 16:00 to 19:00 (GMT +2), the Community Day of Ralts will take place, a third-generation Psycho / Folletto monster from the Hoenn region.

With regard to the Pokémon, in the Pokédex it is possible to read: “Ralts perceives the emotions of people using the horns placed on the head. It is rarely seen by humans, but if it perceives positive energy coming from someone it is possible that it comes close”. During the event, you can find Ralts in the wild in a much more frequent way than usual, while the lucky ones among you might even come across its Shiny version characterized by a blue color, instead of green. The Gardevoir and Gallade that will evolve from Ralts within an hour of the end of the event will learn the exclusive Psycho Syncope type move, which cannot be known in any other way.

As always, during Community Day you can rely on two distinct bonuses: the eggs hatching distance will be reduced to 25% and the baits will last three hours. The Community Day Special Package is also available for purchase in the shop, which offers 480 Ultra Balls, 2 Incubators, 2 Super Incubators and 1 Bait Module for 480 coins.

Before leaving you to make preparations, we would like to remind you that a new event dedicated to Friendship Packages will take place on Monday, August 5th, while the Dragonic Rayquaza Pokémon will be waiting for you in the Raids until September 2nd.