Riot Games Announces It Is Working on a New Beat’Em Up

Riot Games

During the EVO 2019, Tom Cannon stated that Riot Games is working on a new fighting game, the first-ever video game outside the famous League of Legends for the Californian company.

Tom Cannon, in addition to being the founder of EVO, along with his twin brother Tony is also the head of Radiant Entertainment, a development studio that was working on the fighting Rising Thunder before being acquired by Riot Games in 2016. Rising Thunder boasted high accessibility (all moves could be performed with a single button), but it was canceled after the acquisition. For years there have been rumors of the existence of a new fighting game under the aegis of Riot Games, and now we have finally confirmed its existence.

Immediately after Cannon’s statements, Riot Games issued an official statement to confirm the game is indeed in the process of development. “We have experienced the profound impact that this genre can have on players and we want to bring fighting games to many other people. We are working hard to create a game worthy of community attention, and we are making progress. But there is still a long way to go from doing before you can reveal other details “. At the moment, therefore, we know practically nothing about this project, except that it exists and is in the works.