Sony-Microsoft Agreement: Azure Will Not Only Arrive on Playstation?

Satya Nadella

You will surely have read of the agreement between Microsoft and Sony to bring cloud gaming to PlayStation and, together, counter Google Stadia. However, it seems that Microsoft’s technology can also be used by the Japanese giant in other areas.

To give us new details on this particular aspect of the agreement between the two companies was Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, who explained to Fortune’s microphones if and how Sony will never use Azure on their devices:

“This is the topic at the center of our agreement. In addition to the video game industry, Sony is also part of other businesses and has numerous electronic devices that can take on great importance in the context of what we are creating with Azure. Whether it’s entertainment, video games or cameras, we always talk about something that can have advantages thanks to the power of cloud computing. “

It, therefore, seems that the much talked about and unexpected agreement between the two parties can have effects also in the other sectors in which Sony is active. At this point, there is nothing left to do but wait for the next few months (or maybe years) to find out what the effects of this collaboration will be.

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