The New Nintendo Switch Model Is Now on Sale in the USA; Are Joy-Con Better?

Nintendo Switch Leader in the USA for Hardware and Software Sales in 2019

It seems that Nintendo has started marketing the new Nintendo Switch model in the United States of America. Reporting this were several players, including the DreamcastGuy website. The new version of the hybrid is identified by the number HAC-001 (-01).

The latter, among other things, has given rise to an interesting discussion. According to what he said, in the package, there would also be new Joy-Con, identical to the originals in terms of form and functionality, but made with different materials that seem to make them more resistant. YouTuber has not further investigated the matter, inviting its fans to wait for the upcoming video on its YouTube channel. Since this is the impression of a single person, we prefer to wait for other testimonies or announcements to be able to consider this information certain. In any case, we would not be surprised at all if Nintendo had really decided to change the materials of Joy-Con after the numerous criticisms addressed to the two controllers for problems like that of the Joy-Con Drifting, which also led to the start of a class action in US territory.

Officially, we remember, the new Nintendo Switch model is characterized only by an improved battery life, which would be between 4.5 and 9 hours, against the 2.5 / 6.5 hours of the original model. Marketing had already begun in recent days in Hong Kong and Australia, while in Europe it should take place starting in September, more or less in conjunction with the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite (set for September 20), a smaller model without Joy-Con and the possibility of being connected to televisions.