Apex Legends: Ea Explains How and How Much It Intends to Support the Respawn Battle Royale

Apex Legends: Season 3

At the last meeting with shareholders of Electronic Arts, CFO Blake Jorgensen inserted Apex Legends into the long-term plans of the US company: Respawn’s battle royale will be supported for a long time to come, but with what content?

Discussing the future prospects of Respawn’s free shooter with EA investors, Jorgensen has in fact found it appropriate to state that “yes, we think of Apex Legends as an annual title. We will continue to innovate that game and evolve it over time, I hope and believe that will keep us busy for at least 10 years, if not more”.

As for the unpublished content that should be integrated into the gaming ecosystem and the current offer of Apex Legends, the CFO of the video game company stars and stripes states that “there is so much potential in that game, with so many features and we could add ways to enrich it. We really think that there is a huge unexpressed potential in that game and it is with this awareness that we are managing it.

Despite the lights of the media reflectors having faded on the project after the excitement of the launch due to a physiological decline in interest and the ruthless competition represented by titles like Fortnite (recently entered its Season 10), the universe battle royale of Apex Legends continues to attract a surprisingly large number of shooter fans, judging by the 40 million monthly active users shared by EA during the last shareholder meeting.