Apocalypse: The Cinematic Adventure Shows Itself in 10 Minutes of Gameplay From Chinajoy


With eyes still on the PS4 images destroyed by the Zelda fan as a protest for the announcement of Genshin Impact, we ideally return to the stands of the ChinaJoy 2019 to admire new off-screen gameplay of Apocalypse, the new cinematic adventure of Future Tech for PC and PS4.

To give shape to this new intellectual property, the authors from Chengdu will draw on the experience gained with the Mars Alive VR project to immerse ourselves in a context of play that is dimensionally opposite.

Based on the meagre information gathered during the Chinese videogame and technological event, the story of Apocalypse will focus on narration and gravitate around the exploits of a group of survivors of an unspecified catastrophe.

Although grainy and out of any context linked to the plot, the gameplay scenes immortalized in the off-screen movie filmed during ChinaJoy give us the opportunity to observe some remnants of an adventure in which, according to Future Tech developers, each action or choice made by the player will reflect on the destiny of his alter-ego.

The launch date of Apocalypse has not yet been announced: the title, in any case, should arrive on PC and PlayStation 4 between the end of this year and the first half of 2020, even if we do not know if it will be destined only for the market Asian or if, as in the controversial case of Genshin Impact, porting is planned in English and its Western marketing.