Does Nintendo Switch Not Turn On? an Engineer Reveals the Most Common Causes of the Brick

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While Nintendo decides to solve the question of Switch ‘s Joy-With Drifting by paying back free of charge users, an engineer has tried to analyze the root causes of the Nintendo Switch brick, studying in detail the hardware of the console and its accessories.

In a long and in-depth intervention published on the pages of the official Nintendo Switch subreddit, the engineer known as VectorDriver studied every single hardware component of the hybrid console of the Kyoto company and its accessories, discovering that most of the brick problems reported by the Users seem to depend on the use of third-party accessories.

According to VectorDriver, in fact, the way in which Nintendo has managed the power supply of the console and its consumption of energy would make the Switch models currently on the market particularly vulnerable to the risks of over-rotation caused by the use of docks produced by third-party companies: if the dock provided by Nintendo sends properly 6 V to the console, some dock coming up to 9V .

Most of the Nintendo Switch bricks, according to the engineer, would, therefore, be due to the excessive voltage of the unofficial docks and, to a lesser extent, to an incompatibility problem with the USB-C connector. Apparently, at least, there should be no problems with other types of third-party accessories that do not directly deal with the USB-C connector for docking, such as controllers. The conclusion reached by VectorDriver with its analysis is therefore simple: the engineer in fact advises Nintendo Switch owners to always use official accessories or, at least, third-party products that are certified by Nintendo.