Fortnite: Ninja Got $50 Million From Microsoft Leaving Twitch for Mixer?

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

On the basis of rumors shared through his Twitter profile by Tom Verge, Senior Editor of The Verge, the real reason for abandoning Ninja from Twitch would be due to the fact that Microsoft would have decided to pay $50 million to induce Fortnite’s personality to land on Mixer.

In discussing the purpose of this agreement and the real ambitions of Microsoft’s videogame streaming service, Warren wonders “why did Microsoft pay about $ 50 million to bring Ninja to Mixer? It’s not about selling consoles Xbox: It seems to be more a decision linked to Project xCloud and the need to support it by creating as many access points as possible to the service. Google has YouTube and Stadia, while Amazon has Twitch. Microsoft has Xbox, Mixer and xCloud”.

The author of The Verge, therefore, does not enter into the merits of the figures of the multimillionaire agreement between Ninja and Microsoft, preferring instead to focus on the strategies pursued by the Redmond giant to carve out an increasingly wider space of visibility in the market in anticipation of the launch of Google Stadia and the integration between Mixer and Project xCloud.

As for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the “trauma” of abandoning from Twitch seems to have already been overcome by the eccentric twenty-eight of Detroit thanks to the extraordinary number of followers obtained on Mixer before even inaugurating his program of direct streaming focused, as always, on Fortnite Battle Royale.