Fortnite Season 10: A Leak Video Shows How Neoinclinato Will Change to a Western Version

Fortnite World Cup

While the network continues the debate on the causes that led Ninja to leave Twitch for Mixer (some say that there is a hand of Microsoft with a 50 million dollar agreement), the Fortnite community assists with curiosity to rumors about changes expected soon in the Neoinclinato area.

After discovering the files that suggest how the area of ​​the island dominated by Neoinclinato’s futuristic architecture is destined to change profoundly with the upcoming updates of Season X, the data miner collective led by FortTory realizes a video that anticipates the new Western-themed look of this important quadrant of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map.

In the video packaged by the data miner, drawing on the inactive files present in the update that started the Fortnite Season 10, we can observe the presence of some wooden structures and the low-definition polygonal model of the Far West-themed buildings that, presumably, will replace the sci-fi town of Neoinclinato with the next update.

Also based on the information acquired by the data miner, we also know that in one of the future updates we should see the introduction of a new item of equipment such as the Automatic Sniper Rifle, and this without forgetting the rumors about the heavy nerf of the BRUTO mech.