Fortnite Season 10: Will the Bruto Mech Soon Undergo Heavy Depletion?


While waiting to see if and when we will see the Western transformation of Neoinclinato, the Fortnite community begins to gain experience with the new BRUTO vehicle. Many people, however, believe that this mech must be weakened or even removed from the battle royale island.

Given the sheer volume of messages published in this sense by members of the ResetEra and Reddit gaming forums, the developers of Epic Games may have already gathered the concerns of the fans, taking action to modify the parameters and functionality of one of the most important gameplay elements of the Season 10 of Fortnite.

According to the answer given to a community user by an unspecified “expert and collaborator” of Epic known as Gab V, in fact, it seems that the US authors have already planned to operate a heavy weakening (or “nerf”) of BRUTUS, presumably limiting its agility in movement, the width of the jumps, the amount of damage absorbed by the armour and the power of fire. In addition, the BRUTO mech of Season X should be removed from the competitive mode, only to be reintroduced with future updates in its reduced form as in the past with the Girosfera Baller or the X-4 Stormwing aircraft.