Gameplay of The Last of Us 2: For Joel’s Voice Actor “We’re Not Ready yet”

the last of us 2

A member of the TLOU enthusiast Reddit forum participated in the Manchester Comic-Con panel starring Troy Baker, Joel’s voice actor, and published an excerpt from the interview in which we are offered an interesting point of view on gameplay novelties that await us with The Last of Us 2.

Pressed by his interviewer to reveal new information on TLOU2, the American actor and voice actor has stated that “there is really nothing in this game, including things that have not yet been revealed, that has not been realized by Naughty Dog with one hundred percent of their methodical care in development. All I can tell you at the moment is that, although people are clamoring and clamoring for news about the game, you’re not ready yet. 

The cryptic reference to “you’re not ready yet” could hide the willingness, on the part of the developers of Santa Monica, to surprise their audience with narrative and gameplay solutions capable of unhinging the certainties acquired by the fans of the series. In the past years playing The Last of Us, in fact, action-adventure enthusiasts on PlayStation 4 and industry insiders have tried to imagine the probable playful and authorial implications of the sequel, from the relationship between Joel and Ellie to the importance of multiplayer.

And you, what expectations you have for the gameplay and the story of The Last of Us Part 2?

Troy Baker talking about TLOU2 at Manchester Comic Con, “you are not ready…” from thelastofus