GTA 5 Calls on the Avengers: The New Mod Dedicated to Thanos Is Available


GTA V: Thanos Endgame is the new version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod developed by JulioNIB to celebrate the exploits of the Avengers bad guy Endgame and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga.

The V2 version of the famous JulioNIB mod allows Thanos’s emulators to shake the pillars of the sky through the powers of the Glove of Infinity : once the necessary steps have been taken to download for free and install this mod on a PC, users can wear the Titan’s clothes by accessing his polygonal model and his script skills.

As we can see in the video at the beginning of the article, the Endgame version of the Thanos mod for GTA 5 also includes a convenient graphical interface that allows players to easily access the different powers of the Glove of Infinity through a HUD with a radial menu.

Recently, another amateur developer wanted to enrich the playful universe of the Grand Theft Auto series by bringing Spider-Man to GTA San Andreas to give Spider-Man fans the freedom to explore the free-roaming universe of Rockstar Games’ masterpiece by hovering among its digital skyscrapers.

Did you also know that Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, will be a guest at the Lucca Comics and Games 2019 to be held between October 30th and November 3rd?