Monster Hunter World: Iceborne A First Look at Legiana Urlante’s Armor in New Videos

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Two More New Weapons Unveiled by Capcom

From the official PlayStation social channels, Capcom opens a window on the dimension of Monster Hunter World Iceborne with a double panoramic video on the elements that will make up the shining armor of Legiana Urlante, one of the many monsters that await us in the Tricky Expanses.

The graceful flying creature that we have learned to hunt among the coral plateaus will be able to adapt perfectly to the new winter environment of the Bristly Expanses: in its screaming form, in fact, Legiana will be able to defend itself from the attacks of any predator or hunter by covering the area of ​​spines of ice and swooping attacks from the devastating power.

Those who manage to find their way into the apparently impenetrable defenses of Legiana Urlante will be rewarded with materials of the highest value : their use in Seliana and MHW’s main Gathering Hub will allow the evolution of their arsenal and, above all, the creation of an armor that, in theory, should provide greater protection against attacks and elemental ice effects.

The release of Monster Hunter World Iceborne is scheduled for September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the expansion, however, will be available only in January: on the other hand, regardless of its reference platform, the Capcom developers directed by Kaname Fujioka promise to offer us an extremely rich post-launch support.