Sony Prepares for the Future of PS5: The Search for a Global Partner Marketing Manager Starts

PS5: When Will the Sony Next-Gen Console Be Announced?

Regardless of the speculation about the monstrous pre-order price of PS5, Sony is preparing for the coming of the next-gen manifesting the intention to hire a new Global Partner Marketing Manager who will be in charge of tightening relationships with third-party companies to flesh out the content PS5 game library.

The profile of the ideal candidate for the prestigious role of Global Marketing Manager sought by the Japanese videogame and technology giant is quite clear and provides for a proven experience in the sector (of no less than 7 years ), a natural predisposition to “business risk” and the ability to capture the most important innovations coming from the digital entertainment industry, both from the most accredited majors and from independent software houses or, even better, from the most talented individual developers.

As illustrated by Sony in the information sheet accompanying the opening of this prestigious job position, “as Global Marketing Manager you will be a leader within the public relations department with global partners and you will be responsible for the strategy to be implemented and the operational direction of the marketing”.

The X Factor requested by the next marketing executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment will, therefore, facilitate the delicate task that awaits the Japanese company in convincing to exclusives , and agreements with software houses and third-party companies, that PS5 will be the best choice for video game enthusiasts who, as recently discovered, want so much to embrace the next-gen to cause a small but significant slowdown in PS4 sales.