The Sojourn: The New Video Reveals the Release of the Puzzle Adventure on PC, PS4 and Xbox One


The English developers of Shifting Tides and the producers of Iceberg Interactive make a new gameplay video of The Sojourn to set the official launch date of their ambitious subjective adventure immersed in a fantasy dimension full of puzzles.

The project of the British authors refers to the masterpieces of the genre as The Talos Principle, The Witness or the unforgettable Myst to place us inside a microcosm on the verge of collapse which, in the developers’ intentions, will represent the metaphor of the troubled life of our alter ego.

Each explorable scenario will in fact be associated with a state of mind of our character, with puzzles of increasing difficulty that will have to be solved to shed light on the dark sides of the hero’s subconscious and dispel the blanket of mystery that hovers over a beautiful land and pure.

According to the guys from Shifting Tides, The Sojourn will allow us to “face the obstacles of life” by solving dozens of unique environmental puzzles that will try to put a strain on our perception of reality.

If you love this kind of digital experience, take a look at the new video of The Sojourn and tell us what you think of this project that will arrive on PC on September (exclusively on Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.