The Witcher 3: Geralt Becomes a Sorcerer With the Mod That Introduces Dozens of Spells


The boundless passion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pushes the amateur developer known as Menschfeind13 to create an incredible mod that introduces dozens of unpublished magic and spells in the PC version of the CD masterpiece Projekt.

The approach adopted by the modder to integrate these new sorceries into the game ecosystem of The Witcher 3 is rather simple and draws inspiration from other colossal RPGs such as Skyrim or Gothic: the author of the mod limited himself to adding enchanted objects that once equipped, they allow the user to unleash all their magical strength.

Once the rings are discovered, the volumes of sorcery, the ancestral crossbows and all the other items of equipment scattered by the modder in the game universe, the rivals of Geralt of Rivia can unlock a range of magic so large as to include mini-tornadoes, clouds poisonous, attacks by teleportation, lightning, blinding beams of light and tongues of fire. Each of these objects, in addition, is enriched by a unique description that is linked to the tradition of the game to enrich its history and lore.

We leave you to the images and videos of explanatory gameplay of the mod “Magic Spell for Signs” and, if you missed them, we advise you to also admire the work done by the authors of the mods Exodus ReShade in Ray Tracing and HD Reworked Project by The Witcher 3.