Warframe: Dog Days Summer Event Starts, Here Are All the News About the Tactical Alert

Warframe: The Dog

After having provided for the Piana di Eidolon remaster and the launch of the Jovian Accord update, the authors of Digital Extremes invite all the Tenno of Warframe to challenge each other on the sunny beaches of the Origin system by participating in the Dog Days summer event.

Warframe players who decide to participate in the activities of the summer event and to battle with “very bad” alien water guns (the Soaktrons ) will be able to hold up the Hydroid flag through a series of challenges with incremental prizes.

The Missions 1, 2 and 3 will give access to 50,000 Credits each and to the Skin Redeemer Abysso, to the Hydroid Station Scenario and to the Noggle Hydroid Reprise. The last Mission will unlock the Orokin Reactor and the Stratos Emblem instead.

In the Dog Days arena, it will not be possible to use Mod, Skills, and Animals: each Tenno will thus have the same set of weapons and an identical level of health points to make the challenge even more compelling and give way only to the most close-knit teams (and less watered ) to achieve victory. The currency acquired during the event can be spent in the Nakak store on Cetus to get extra rewards like Floof and Scenarios Captura.

The Warframe summer event connected to the Dog Days Tactical Alert is already active and will be until August 12 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.