A Pokemon Center Opens in London in View of Sword and Shield

Pokemon London

To accompany the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Pokemon Company decided to open a temporary Pokemon Center in London, opening it to visitors from October 18 to November 15, 2019. The store will include special items that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

The Pokemon Center will be hosted at the Westfield London shopping center (Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush W12 7GF), for a limited time only, from October 18 to November 15, 2019.

The London office was not chosen at random. The opening of this Pokemon Center, in fact, wants to pay tribute to the United Kingdom as a source of inspiration for the style and setting of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the two new games of the main series expected to be released on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

In addition to being able to purchase the two games at launch, visitors to the new Pokemon Center in London will be able to choose from a wide range of exclusive Pokemon-themed items, some of which can only be purchased within this venue. Do you plan to take the opportunity to take a trip to London between October and November?

Meanwhile, if you are curious to learn more about the two new games coming on the Nintendo Switch series.

Pokemon London