Apex Legends, Respawn Anticipates the Arrival of a New Character: What Is Crypto?

Apex Legends: New Patch and Skin of the Legendary Hunt for Octane and Bangalore

Something big is boiling in the studio at Respawn Entertainment. The developer Tina Sanchez published on her official Twitter profile two photographs taken in a motion capture studio, accompanied by the caption: Working on things from Apex Legends.

What makes the shots really interesting is the presence of an actress with a suit for detecting movements and a cane, which clearly suggests that some shots were taken for the movements of a new Legend. Who could it be? According to most players, it would be Crypto, a character that has already been rumored in recent times. The stick used by the actress, in fact, could serve to mimic the movement of the sword that can be seen behind the character in an image leaked in the past (you can admire it in preview).

As if that wasn’t enough, the developer answered with a mouthless mouth to the direct question of a player who asked if it really was Crypto, suggesting that he might have got it right. In the past few weeks, among other things, Crypto’s alleged laptop has also appeared on the game map.

We’ll see. Meanwhile, although the success of the first weeks has not yet been replicated, Apex Legends continues to rely on as many as 40 million active players per month. Respawn Entertainment, on the other hand, has promised that Apex Legends Season 3 will be even bigger than the second.