Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: Version 2.0 Content Pack Debuts in November

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

At the end of the BlazBlue tournament final: Cross Tag Battle at the EVO 2019 won by American Oscar “Shinku” Jaimes, Arc System Work announced that the fighting game will receive additional paid content on November 21st called Version 2.0 Content Pack.

The add-on will introduce lots of new content, including nine additional fighters, an unprecedented scenario and new interactions between roster fighters. At the moment only Yumi has been confirmed by Senran Kagura: Es.tival Versus, Blitztank, and Akatsukiby Akatsuki Blitzkampf and Neo Politan by RWBY. The other five will be revealed as the release date approaches. The launch of the downloadable content will be accompanied by the publication of a free patch for all game owners who will introduce important changes to the balance of all the wrestlers. To celebrate the announcement, the development team published the trailer that you can see at the beginning of the news. Good vision!

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, remember, is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.