Destiny 2: Shadoweep An Image Shows Us the New Lunar Armor

Destiny 2: Shadoweep

In the last hours, Bungie has published some new images of the next Destiny 2 expansion, Shadows from the Deep, thanks to which it is possible to discover some additional details about the adventure that will take us back to the Moon.

The first of these screenshots allows us to get a taste of the loot coming with Shadowkeep and, to be precise, shows us a new set for each of the classes in the game: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. As for the first two, the armor looks pretty scary and in some ways reminds of the hive. The Titan, on the other hand, wears armor that makes it very similar to an astronaut. In another shot, instead, we can see the presentation on the Moon of the same tanks used during the Red War. It is therefore very likely that during the fight against new enemies the Guardians can return to using the powerful vehicles to counter them.

Waiting to find out more information on the Destiny 2 cross-save coming in the summer, we remind you that Shadowkeep has been postponed and will, therefore, be late on Steam with the free to play New Light version.

Did you know that Destiny 2 ‘s Vetta and Wendigo businesses will be simplified soon?

Destiny 2: Shadoweep