Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edelgard Is the Most Used Character

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The players of Fire Emblem: Three Houses from the beginning of the game must choose to represent one of the three houses between Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deers, thus giving rise to discussions about which is the most powerful and which is the best character belonging to one of them.

Unlike the “usual” fan discussions that are potentially endless, here is the same game that provides us with an answer, since there is a feature that shows where the other players died, what they are doing at a given moment, and which character it is the most used in battle.

The result is quite clear, and it seems that most players prefer Edelgard , mainly for three reasons: first of all its presence is often requested by the game itself, then it is a rather strong character in battle, but above all it seems that the character design has been particularly appreciated by the fanbase, also because of the Fire Emblem Three Houses romance , which also constitute an important part of the game, as shown also by some testimonials found on social media, of which we show you a tracking shot at the bottom of the news.

What do you think? Which house did you choose? Is Edelgard the most successful character for you or do you have another of your favorites?