Fortnite: Neo-Inclined Prepares to Enter the Far West, a Portal Appears

Fortnite 10

The players Fortnite Season 10 they ran into a time portal to Neoinclinato. The device can be activated, and in all likelihood, it will make it possible to make a leap into the Far West soon, this week.

The main theme of Fortnite ‘s Season 10 is Time Travel. It is no coincidence that portals capable of making us travel from one era to another are beginning to appear on the island of Battaglia Reale.

As you can see in the tweet at the bottom of the page, Fortnite players came across one of these time portals at Neoinclinato, the futuristic area of Royal Battle. The device can be activated, and probably will soon transform the whole town into a Far West village, as already anticipated by several leaks that have emerged in the last few days.

Thanks to the work done by the data miner, in fact, a video has been leaked showing the transformation process that will lead Neoinclinato to take on the appearance of a Far West Village. Considering that the portal of the time can be activated already now, it comes to think that Neoinclinato will make a dive in the Far West just in the arc of this week, perhaps starting from Thursday. What do you think?