Fortnite: The Ninja Mixer Channel Exceeds 600,000 Members

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

The recent agreement between Ninja and Mixer, which led one of the most famous streamers in the world to abandon Twitch to post video exclusively on the new Microsoft platform, has upset the world of videogame streaming, and to understand its scope just take a look at the numbers.

The new mixer channel Ninja, stage name Tyler Blevins, had in fact already reached 300,000 subscribers in a very short time, that is, when on his profile was not present even a video. And now, four days after the announcement, the channel has already exceeded 600,000 subscriptions, demonstrating that the streamer fanbase is not having problems moving from one platform to another.

Ninja, in fact, had as many as 10 million followers on Twitch , but the number of subscribers to its channel was only around 15,000, and although a promotion is currently in progress that allows users to register for free with Ninja Mixer, gathering over 600,000 users in so little time is certainly a result of which the streamer can be proud.

Currently on Mixer Ninja can count on 3.8 million views and about 650,000 followers: not bad for a channel that has existed for four days. The move, however risky, of moving from Twitch to an emerging reality, seems to be paying well already.