Granblue Fantasy Versus: The Arc System Fighting Game Will Include an RPG Mode

Granblue Fantasy Versus

The authors of Dragon Ball Fighterz and Guilty Gear are currently involved in the creation of a new fighting game: Granblue Fantasy: Versus, presented at the Granblue Fantasy Festival in December 2018.

On this occasion, in fact, CyGames had shown the Granblue Fantasy Versus announcement trailer to the public. Now, new product information comes from publisher XSEED, which confirmed that the fighting game will also include an RPG mode. The latter will offer players to approach the game as an action RPG, introducing in Granblue Fantasy: Versus an original storyline, cutscenes and fights against fearsome bosses, represented by giants “Primal Beasts”. A certainly interesting addition, which thus enriches the gaming offer proposed by the production of Arc System Works.

Recently, players subscribing to Playstation Plus have had the opportunity to access a closed beta, to make the first acquaintance with the title. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is expected on PlayStation 4 during 2019. During EVO 2019, the XSEED Games station offered the opportunity to get acquainted with Percival, part of the roster.