Monster Hunter World: Iceborne This Is How the New Rampino Claw Works

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Will Have Similar Dimensions to the Basic Game

Iceborne, the big expansion of Monster Hunter World arriving in September on consoles, will include a new and large gaming area called Driftwood, in addition to a content quantity comparable to the basic game.

Among the many new features provided, the Rampino Artiglio, an instrument that offers several new strategic options for combat on the move. Although there is still a few weeks left to launch the expansion, Capcom has already taken steps to illustrate its operation. To use it, you will need to hold L2 to aim and circle to launch it, in order to hook yourself to specific parts of the monster.

  • If you fasten your head, the pressing circle will allow you to turn it by changing the direction it is facing;
  • Pressing R2, you will throw all the remaining slingshot ammunition together, performing the Rushing Shot, which will cause the monster to charge forward. If the monster hits a rock wall, it will be stunned and you can deal additional damage with your team.
  • By pressing Triangolo, you can perform a Standard Attack, a sort of fast slash that accompanies the descent to the ground. Based on the equipped alarm, you will soften the monster’s skin (increasing the potential damage and reducing its ability to deflect your attacks) or ammunition will be released for the sling, ready to be collected;
  • In addition to those described, you will have other options available after hooking the monster, based on the type of weapon equipped. Pressing L2 after hitting the muzzle with the hammer, for example, you can perform the so-called Sling Burst, which inflicts further damage.

You can admire the Rampino Artiglio in action in the short clip attached at the bottom of this news. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be released on September 6th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. PC players will have to wait until January 2020.