Pokemon Go: Pikachu Will Be Back With All the Hats From 6 to 12 August

Pokemon Go

Pikachu was the protagonist of numerous special appearances in Pokemon GO, such as those that saw him wearing different hats. Niantic Labs has announced that the creature will return to appear in Pokemon GO with all its hats, thanks to an event that will take place from 6 to 12 August.

From tomorrow until 12 August, therefore, all Pokemon GO coaches will be able to meet in the wild all the Pikachu variants with the hat.

If you remember, over the months Pikachu has been the protagonist of several events that have seen him wear a special hat, like Christmas or Detective Pikachu. Just recently, we explained how to get Pikachu with the One Piece hat during a recent theme event.

The new event at the start tomorrow will work exactly like the others, with the difference that Pikachu can appear with any of his previously worn hats. All that remains is to look for it in the wild, hoping to find all the specimens that are missing from your collection. There will be time until August 12, the day when the event will come to an end.

Are you ready to collect all the special variants of Pikachu with the hat? Meanwhile, let us remember that until September 2, it will be possible to capture Rayquaza, also in the chromatic version. In this regard, do not forget to consult our guide to the Rayquaza Raid.