Rainbow Six Siege: Does a Leak Reveal the New Season 3 Players?

Rainbow Six Siege

On Reddit two Rainbow Six Siege concept art emerged that seem to reveal in advance the two new operators arriving with Season 3 (Year 4) of Ubisoft’stactical shooter. If the leak is confirmed, the two operators in question would have a lot to do with Indiana Jones.

As you can see in the image at the bottom of the news, the two alleged operators shown in the artwork all have the appearance of two treasure hunters, portrayed in what appears to be a South American archaeological site. Setting that would be compatible with the origin of the two operators: let us remember that Ubisoft has already officially confirmed that they will come from Mexico and Peru.

No reference, however, to the possible gadgets in the possession of the two specialists. In this regard, we recall that last June there were leaks on the alleged gadgets of the new season 3 operators (Year 4), in which it was stated that the attacker will be equipped with a grappling hook to pass through the upper hatches, while the defender will bring a shield that can deal damage when destroyed.

At the moment this is just an unconfirmed rumor, but we point out that the reliable Rainbow Six Siege Kormora leaker has stated on Resetera that these two new artworks are authentic. To learn more about the identity of new operators, and the debut of Rainbow Six Siege’s Season 3 of the Year, all that remains is to wait for more news from Ubisoft.