Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: The Immortals Sell the Team to the MIBRs

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

After a terrible first part of the Rainbow Six Pro League season in the South American region, the Immortals decided to transfer the entire team and staff to the MIBR organization (an acronym for “Made In Brazil”).

The Immortals, present at the Milan IX season finals, have therefore translated the entire structure dedicated to Rainbow Six to the MIBR. This organization is actually owned by the Immortals, so the move should be relatively painless for players and staff. However, having the team dismantled at a branch also makes it clear the intentions of the Immortals, evidently not very interested in investing further in the project.

The roster in this transition will remain unchanged but will see the addition of Guilherme “Guile” Scalfi in the role of a new coach. The team, after the terrible performances that saw it coming second to the relegation (it was at risk Serie B) certainly needs to start again with new motivation and the new addition to the technical staff could be used to do well and recover in view of the second half of season X.

The transfer of the entire team is probably the best scenario for the kids right now. It is probably difficult to find organizational support, so the Immortals wanted to transfer the totality of the training rather than leave it on the street without a contract.

The former Immortals will debut under the new MIBR signs at the Six Major in Raleigh, which will be held from 12 to 18 August.